What to pack for a week at Ayada Maldives?


We get this question so often, that we thought it would be useful to write a post about it. When planning and packing your luggage, we recommend to focus on a few things: beachwear, casual wear and cameras. Important to note that the checked-in baggage allowance on domestic flights is 20kg, so if you want to avoid any extra charges then keep it below that.

General clothing

Here, at Ayada Maldives we live and dress casually, but often like to dress up nicely when going out to one of our fine dining restaurants. We have a very loose dress code that allows our guests to enjoy their holiday in casual outfits and beachwear.

We recommend that you pack your sunglasses, bikinis and swimming trunks, some flip flops or sandals, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, shirts, and anything else you like to wear. Bringing a pair of nicer shoes is also a good idea if you would like to dress up a little for the evenings, however most of the time you will be walking around in your flip flops if not barefoot.

Please be aware that if you plan to spend some time in Male (the capital of Maldives), then ensure you do not wear anything too revealing. This means no bikinis on the street and avoid tank tops.  We do not recommend packing any long trousers, sweaters or jackets as you will not definitely not need those.

Sportswear and gear

If you are a sporty person, make sure you bring your gym or yoga wear, jogging shoes or trainers as we have fantastic recreational facilities, including a fully equipped gym, tennis court, yoga classes and some amazing jogging routes on our island. We provide a variety of equipment free of charge (and some for a fee),  including tennis rackets, surfboards, snorkeling gear and most sporting equipment you would need, in case you require anything specific or prefer to use yours, then bring your own.

Camera & tech

Our island is an excellent location for stunning beach pics, so make sure to bring your best camera. If you don’t have a good enough camera then you can arrange a photo shoot session with our professional photographer during your stay.

We also recommend you bring a water and dust resistant mobile phone as you will definitely be using it on the beach, taking photos and videos with wet and sandy hands.

In our villas we have 2-pin connectors. It is recommended to bring a travel adapter for your phone and laptop chargers, otherwise we can also provide adapters in case you don’t have.

Medicine & emergency

We have a clinic with a fantastic doctor and nurse working on the island. They can provide first aid and medicine in case you would need it. If you are on special medication or require very specific medical items then you better bring those too.

We hope that this information helps you to pack your suitcases better and get ready for a fantastic experience in the Maldives.