3 tips to take amazing photos while at Ayada Maldives


With picture perfect beaches, lush tropical surroundings, gorgeous food and luxurious villas, Ayada Maldives is a perfect location to take fantastic photos. In this article we will show you how to level up your photography skills and where to take pictures that will leave your friends in awe and extremely envious.

Tip #1: get familiar with photography basics

First things first, let’s talk about the basics. It does not matter if you use a high-end camera or a smartphone, a good picture needs to have three things right.

1. Find an interesting subject

Either a person or object, make sure that the subject is interesting. Be it an action, a smile, something exquisite or subtle details, it needs to be exciting.

2. Find a matching background

A good background that has a decent level of contrast with the subject. Use the background as a tool to put your subject into context, no need to push too many details into it. If you are using a professional camera then it is almost always recommended to make the background out of focus.

3. Follow basic photo composition rules

Use your camera grid to position your subject accurately and level your line of horizon to be 100% horizontal. Pay attention to lighting, eliminate unwanted shadows and further distracting elements that would make your photo look amateurish. If you are shooting portraits then make sure that your model is facing the main light source.

Tip #2: have a great photo idea

You won’t need to search hard for exciting photo opportunities while staying at Ayada Maldives. Our beautiful tropical island offers fantastic scenes and locations where you can take great photos. Here we are going to list a few.

  • Your bathtub with a view

  • Private pool of your villa

  • Jet-ski

  • Beach & nature

  • Glass bottom kayak

  • Floating tray breakfast

  • Tropical breakfast

  • … many more

Tip #3: compose your photos

Despite the locations given, you will need to put some efforts into creating jaw-dropping shots. Great photos are well composed, they tell a story and show informative details. Once you have a photo idea, take some time to experiment with heights, lighting and changing backgrounds by photographing your model from different angles. The point is to fill your photo frame with exciting elements and to eliminate any distractions.

Ask your model to try different face expressions and poses until you find one that expresses your photo idea the best. Experimenting makes a massive difference not only in your final shot, but also improves your photography skills. Trying different outfits is always a great idea. If you go out to take photos, it is recommended to bring a couple of accessories such as sunglasses, hats or watches with you so you will have a greater level of freedom to experiment.

Make sure that your subject or model is fully in focus, which will give your photo that crisp, quality look. If you are taking photos for Instagram or Facebook, it is recommended to shoot in 1:1 crop mode, or else leave enough space on the sides of the photos for cropping later.

  • Pleasant, non-distracting backgrounds with a decent level of contrast

  • Model’s face is not covered by shadows

  • Model’s face is facing the main light source

  • Model or subject is in focus

  • Line of horizon is 100% horizontal

  • No distracting elements in the frame