Discover our Secret Garden, a truly magical place

Ayada Secret Garden.jpg

Almost a year ago we decided to upgrade our gardening and started growing high quality, all natural produce locally, in the heart of our Island. The Secret Garden at Ayada Maldives is a haven of organic vegetables, herbs and fruits.

Our head gardener is passionately working with our executive chef to deliver fresh 0-km produce, from the garden to our guest’s plates. Our garden has limited production, so we also ship fresh local produce, mainly mango, watermelon and Maldivian chilli, from the nearby local island collective. Our chef and gardeners visit these farms regularly to ensure that quality and production standards are met.

During your stay at Ayada Maldives, you will be always welcome to visit and explore our Secret Garden or to chat with the gardeners about the produce, techniques or just gardening in general.

Hydroponic plantation

We grow salads in our custom built hydroponic plantation. Hydroponics is a subset of hydro-culture and is an efficient eco-farming method. The method is about circulating mineral nutrient solutions in a closed system, in water, without soil.

Banana plantation

A variety of Maldivian bananas are grown here. While visiting our garden, you will see bananas hanging from the trees, only picked when they are ready for consumption. We serve these bananas in our Magu buffet restaurant.

Vegetable garden

A large variety of vegetables and herbs can also be found in our Secret Garden, such as basil, mint, tomato, eggplants, Maldivian chilli or spinach leaves.

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