Surfing at Ayada Maldives

AYADA Maldives is located only a few minutes' boat ride from some of the best surf breaks in the country

Our surfing program is ideal for both beginners and experts who want to surf a few the best surfing points in the Maldives.  We provide high quality guiding to the surf points, taking into consideration the weather, sea conditions and the forecast in the region.

If there are no more than four surfers, we use our 7-meter zodiac to access the surfing point with one captain, and our surfing guides. If we have more than four surfers, we use our 14-meter diving boat, together with our zodiac. 

We offer a variety of boards free of charge for a three to four hour trip.   We can go surfing two times a day, with the exact timings decided by the surfer and our guide according to the weather conditions.


Discover our surf breaks

Blue Bowls
Approximately 25 minutes from Ayada Maldives.  Also known as Voodoos, Blue Bowls is a flexible right that is unusually protected from onshore winds, due to being tucked away inside the pass between Castaways and Five Islands. More of a point style wave, this protected peak wraps smoothly around the point before opening up into a series of bowls (hence the name). The sections repeatedly bowl up into wide and open faces leading to a nice long ride, fit for shortboard shredders, but mellow enough for funboards and longboards. The protected setting from the wind makes Blue Bowls almost always surfable, especially since it handles all stages of the tide really well. Blue Bowls ranges between three to eight feet but is particularly ideal at four to six feet, with westerly wind during a southeast or southwest swell. This is definitely the place to head to if unsure about everywhere else.


Five Islands
Around 15 minutes from Ayada Maldives and similar to Blue Bowls, Five Islands is a long right-hander well protected from south to southwest winds. More of a cannon than Blue Bowls, Five Islands throws harder and hollows out more as it breaks along the reef. Breaking in a series of different sections, the wave needs a good southerly swell to combine all the sections, but creates one of the longest and cleanest barrel rides in the Southern Atolls when it does. The outside section forces a deep take off, which is a little challenging but provides the necessary speed to make the subsequent sections. After the takeoff it is off to the races, and the surfer to make the most sections wins not only an epic wave, but an easier paddle back out. Five Islands can handle the biggest swells and all stages of the tide, but typically ranges from two to eight feet and is best at mid to high tide—which also helps you avoid the shallow reef on the inside. If you are thirsting for tubes, Five Islands is one of the more consistent barrel spots in the southern atolls.


Two Ways
About 15 from Ayada Maldives, Booga Reef, called Two Ways because it breaks to the left and the right, is located just across the pass from Five Islands. Two Ways (as the name promises) offers two incredible waves that peel in two different directions from the same southern point of the island. Two Ways is the kind of set up that surfers everywhere have been imagining for years, but never thought quite possible.  As opposed to the shallow and speedy surrounding waves, Two Ways offers slower waves that peel nice  and easy through deeper water, a little less powerful, but great for intermediate surfers hoping to practice some more technical maneuvers that the three-second rides at their local break have not allowed. Protected a little bit more than the lefthander, the right is usually a bit bigger and holds its shape a little better than the left, but it also requires a bigger swell to reach its protected position.  With waves that typically range between three to six feet, Two Ways is that place that everyone remembers with the word “fun” because it is a good spot for all levels and usually offers the best refuge when the southerly facing reefs are blown out or simply out of control. This, of course, means an increase in crowds, but remember you are dealing with two perfect waves—so there’s always the chance everyone else will be lining up for the right-handers, while you pull into left after left of pure bliss. Since it breaks in all levels of the tide, be sure to check this spot out during a southerly swell and in northerly winds to find it at its best.


Love Charms
Approximately 10 minutes from Ayada Maldives, Love Charms is Huvadhoo Atoll’s lovely little patch of lefthanders that you can always count on. Located right next to Two Ways, Love Charms is a love letter to all you goofy footers out there who spent or spend countless hours drawing left-breaking waves in the corner of your notebooks. This place is always breaking, and in the right conditions can churn out some really amazing waves.  
Love Charms is one of the few waves in Huvadhoo atoll that transforms entirely depending on both the tide and the size of the swell. On a lower tide, during a smaller swell, it breaks up into two distinct sections—which is arguably the best case scenario. Bigger swells and higher tide tend to connect the waves into a long and hollow wall that can offer an incredibly long and hollow ride, if it holds up down the line—but even if the wave sections off, the inside barrels up into protected pockets.  
Breaking in any stage of the tide, and handling pretty much any swell size or wind direction, Love Charms is at its best when breaking between two to ten feet, with northwest winds during any southerly swell.


Around 25 minutes from Ayada Maldives and located in the same inlet between the islands of Gan and Gadhdoo as Tiger Stripes, Antiques matches every left that Tiger Stripes pumps out with a smaller, and more forgiving righthander. As the name indicates, Antiques is slightly less fierce than its nearby sister wave but almost as consistent.   
Ranging in size between two to six feet, Antiques shares Tiger Stripes consistency, but lacks its power and size—making it a pretty good spot for beginners and intermediate surfers, especially natural footers.     Similar to Two Ways, the close proximity of these two waves breaking in opposite directions leads this area to be another boat trip and surf charter favorite, which sometimes can lead to crowds, but nothing too unreasonable when you are dealing with two separate peaks.
Like Tiger Stripes, Antiques nearly always breaks at any stage of the tide, but gets particularly noteworthy during a larger southerly swell, with northwest winds. This might not be the wave you sail out to on its own, but the close proximity to Tiger Stripes makes this narrow little inlet pass a real treasure.


Tiger Stripes
About 25 minutes from Ayada Maldives and to the northeast of Love Charms, in a narrow inlet between the islands of Gan and Gadhdoo, a lefthander breaks across a reef adorned with narrow gouges that look like stripes on a tiger.Tiger Stripes, sometimes referred to as Rockets, is an open lefthander that doesn’t get as hollow as some of the other nearby waves, but makes up for that with long and consistent carvable walls, fit for a variety of surfers and fun in a variety of conditions. Although Tiger Stripes is pretty unimpressive when small, it luckily ends up being a lot bigger than everywhere else.  After a tricky takeoff, the wave leads into a steep wall that speeds up as it turns the corner to an inside section that wraps around and occasionally barrels before mushing out into the channel. Regularly noted for consistency, Tiger Stripes is the type of wave that—if there is swell—you can always count on to perform. It is a notoriously easygoing and cooperative wave, handling all stages of the tide and any variation of southerly swells, while breaking best during a southeast swell with northerly winds. It typically ranges from two to eight feet in size, but is definitely better the bigger the swell—a prime option when everywhere else is closing out.